Custom Clothing, Costumes, & Cosplay

I make formal wear, costumes, and regular clothing. Formalwear includes evening dresses, bridal gowns, and special occasion outfits. Costumes includes cosplay, halloween costumes, period/period-ish/renaissance costumes, comic book costumes, and clothing for any other occasion you can think of where you can dress up in an unusual fashion. I also make custom regular clothing (mainly because I'm a very hard-to-fit size).

Please visit my Facebook cosplay site: Jenphi's SilverCheetah Cosplay to see my personal costumes and design work!

You are also welcome to visit my and galleries: profile & pics here, larger gallery here profile & pics here


My policies are as follows:
  • I must know exactly what I'm making and for whom before I can begin a project. This means I require pictures of you, your costume, and/or descriptions and sketches. I also need a hard list of the items I'm making.
  • My bids are based on time and materials. I charge you for the exact materials I use and the time I take to make it.
  • I require half of the bid amount up front, and half on completion of the project. That keeps both parties interested and honest.
  • Bids are semi-squishy things, so the best I can do is give you a ballpark bid. Meaning this is probably not the final number, but it's close. It may be a little more, may be a little less.

    If you think you're ready, Contact Me and we'll get the process started! I look forward to hearing from you!